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7 Tips to Beat the Winter Blues During the Lockdown


Feeling the winter blues? You’re not alone.


For some of us, this goes beyond winter blues. The onset of winter can trigger Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD. As with any mental health issue, such as depression and anxiety, self-care plays an important role in managing the day-to-day impact of SAD. 


Although SAD is a form of depression, it is not a permanent condition and symptoms vary from mild to severe. Women are four times more likely to be diagnosed and people with mental health issues or a family history of SAD are at a greater risk.


As the days grow shorter and people spend more time indoors and let's be honest, this national lockdown also puts an extra weight on our shoulders to deal with.

Putting together a self-care plan that you can fall back on is a great way to manage stress levels, elevate your energy and look after your mental health, even on the gloomiest winter days.


Minor lifestyle changes can have a major impact on mood.



7 Tips to Beat the Winter Blues During the Lockdown:

1. Develop a routine. And stick to it. Structure, especially during the lockdown, is good for our mental health. Wake up at a consistent time, schedule meals and have a regular bedtime. Sleep is very important so aim for eight hours a night.


2. Get your Vitamin D to regulate your mood and help ward off depression. The best source is natural sunlight so take a brisk walk early in the day and rearrange the furniture so your desk is near a window. Talk to your doctor before taking supplements.


3. Exercise. Regular physical exercise increases our energy and releases endorphins which help improve our mood.


4. Eat a balanced diet full of fruit, vegetables and whole grains. Minimize sugar as it can make your symptoms worse and limit alcohol consumption.


5. Stay connected. A strong network of family and friends is a great buffer for stress. Although we can’t be face-to-face right now we can safely connect with each other through digital platforms.


6. Be mindful. Focus on today instead of worrying about tomorrow. Relaxation techniques such as yoga, deep breathing exercises and meditation will help you stay present and improve your mood.


7. Schedule fun. Our mood improves when we have something to look forward to, whether it’s a Zoom call with friends, a walk in the park or takeaway from a local restaurant.


Seasonal Affective Disorder is real. Dealing with anxiety and have mixed feelings because of the lockdown is extremely hard. There is no shame in seeking help. People with existing mental health concerns are more prone to SAD and symptoms of depression may worsen.


If you would like to read more information about SAD or you need help, you can always get in touch with professionals at the following links:



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