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How to Celebrate Easter During the Pandemic



Having a normal long Easter weekend may not be around this year, but you can still enjoy your favourite traditions—with just a few twists.


With social distancing recommendations still in place and coronavirus vaccine distribution still in progress, family Easter games and Easter dinner won't be the same as they have been in the past years.


This may not be the year of new Easter outfits or your most creative Easter egg designs yet, but you can still celebrate.


Well hey, maybe it’s time to start some new traditions!


Here are five ideas for celebrating Easter at home this year.


1. Do an alternative egg hunt

Setting the kids loose on a field or playground dotted with eggs isn’t really social distancing, especially if you typically do it as a group with other families. Instead, if your home and yard have the space, tuck eggs around your house for your kids to find. Bring back your favourite nostalgic Easter tradition this year with an Easter egg hunt.

2. Perfect your tablescaping techniques

Pairing the napkins with painted eggs and features scattered across the table as well as making an egg wreath as the centrepiece. To make your own, gather up some florals and twist it along with moss around a circular wire.

3. Pretend you're in Bake Off

It really isn’t Easter if you don’t have the smell of freshly baked hot cross buns wafting through your home at some point over the weekend. While making them from scratch could be a lovely, mindful activity - you can buy them freshly baked too. 

4. Challenge yourself to a digital detox

Let’s face it, you’ll probably be too occupied with eating to even look at your phone. But Easter could be a great time to switch off completely and allow your mind to take a breather. Turn your phone off (or at least pause all of your social media apps), go for lovely long walks, play board games and puzzles and use the time to finally make a dent in that stack of books on your bedside table.

5. Rethink Easter baskets and gifts

Consider tucking homemade sweets into baskets or fill them with print-outs or drawings of the Easter gifts you plan to order or buy once businesses are open again. (Consider it an IOU from the Easter Bunny.) If you can, for Easter gifts for kids, focus on digital gifts you can enjoy in the moment: Buy and download a new movie or new game for them to enjoy at home.





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