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Our Brands

We source ethically responsible, sustainably-made products from small businesses and independent makers who share our commitment to the environment. Every time you shop at The Sun & My Soul, you support a small business owner’s dream. 💫 

At Note and Shine, they only use luxury and sustainable materials. Each product is printed with vegetable based inks, eco-friendly paper and produced in the UK.

Note and Shine founded by Kelsey who wanted a planner that would allow her to easily organise and note down everything, from reminders to meditate and motivating quotes to her daily work aspirations. She also knew that the best way to be productive was to make self-care her top priority. So Kelsey designed a collection of stationery that allowed her manifest her dreams while achieving balance in her life. 

VENT for Change is a Bristol based sustainable stationery company that supports children’s education projects worldwide. Proceeds from every VENT product sold go towards global education projects getting children back in to school. 

In 2014 environmental entrepreneur Evan Lewis, bought an ageing run-down facility producing pencils from recycled CD cases. After 18 months of improvements the team made were producing an additional one million pencils a year. Evan decided to sell his pencils and other stationery here in the UK and from the proceeds support existing education projects around the world.


Nathalie Bond is a small independent brand making organic skincare and candles. The company is run by the lovely wife and husband, Natalie and Andrew Bond.

When Nat was pregnant with her first child, she discovered that many skincare products contain harmful chemicals, so she became more careful about what she put onto her skin. Nathalie and Andrew started making products on their kitchen table using only sustainably sourced botanical ingredients. All of Nathalie Bond products are carefully handcrafted by their team in Sheffield, England. 

Nathalie Bond products are cruelty-free, palm-free and completely free from parabens, phthalates, SLS and synthetic colours and fragrances. They use amber glass apothecary bottles and aluminium lids instead of plastic ones.

Teapigs real, quality tea, sourced sustainably, in packaging that’s better for the environment. They work hard to develop & maintain a friendly company culture that supports people to be the best they can be through training & development, open feedback sessions, a big focus on health & well being in the work place & agile working options. 

Teapigs created by Nick and Louise in 2006 with one mission: to get the nation drinking real tea again. They met whilst working for a really big tea company, where they learned all about tea and drank lots of it. And the more they learned, and the more they drank, the more they came to realise that there's a whole world of quality teas out there that simply weren’t getting the attention they deserve.

William and Anna, the founders of Upcircle, wanted to solve the problem of throwing away a huge amount of coffee grounds. They needed a way to give those coffee grounds a new lease of life. They began the journey collecting coffee grounds from one coffee shop, they now collect from hundreds of coffee houses across London. And UpCircle was born.

Creating a positive environmental impact is at the heart of what they do at UpCircle. When it comes to the environment we are constantly bombarded with intimidating doom and gloom headlines. The scale of the problem can feel so daunting that it’s all too easy to give up before you’ve even begun. So, at UpCircle, they try to focus on positive change and keep an “every little helps” mentality. 





LOVE IS MY PROTEST is founded by Dana who creates journals for taking care. Every journal is designed to add just a few minutes of reflection to each day. The designs are simple to help you build the habit of journaling. The journals are intended to be a keepsake so you and future generations can look back at your growth. The packaging is fully recyclable and the journals are made in the UK, using recycled paper. 





Love Cocoa has an extensive, delicious range of chocolate that are the perfect treat for you or to give to a loved one. Love Cocoa chocolate not only tastes good, it also does good. Their mission to make chocolate consumption more sustainable. The mainstream chocolate industry is shrinking our rainforests and seriously contributing to global warming. The problem begins right at the source: with the farming of the humble cocoa bean. Love Cocoa aims to tackle this problem head on by planting one tree for every product sold.



Corinne Taylor is an organic, vegan, cruelty free and eco-friendly aromatherapy skincare brand, small batch handcrafted in Brighton. Corinne began practicing Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Massage Therapy treatments and was amazed to learn the incredible benefits of essential oils, both through her studies and the first hand experience she gained whilst working with clients.

It was this that inspired her to create their range of aromatherapy products, so people could experience the benefits of essential oils on a daily basis. With all this in mind, her aim was to create truly natural, plant based products designed to not only smell beautiful but to have a specific therapeutic purpose. They had to be kind to both us and the planet.





BeautyPro was founded in Brighton in 2010, disrupted the professional beauty industry with an innovative and unique portable hot towel steamer. Strived to continue innovating and fill a gap in the market for an easy to use face mask - the sheet mask.

Sustainability is important to BeautyPro. In June 2019, they implemented a sustainability plan. They passionate about doing steps for protecting the planet and being as environmentally friendly as they possibly can. All of their products are plastic free, water free, ethically made and cruelty free. They also partnered with Ecologi to plant 1 tree per order, in a bid to help combat deforestation and reduce their carbon footprint.



Betterday Studio was created by Himi & Kush in 2020. They started with the simple mission to create products that make your day better. Their first product was the Betterday Journal, a gratitude journal that aims to bring more mindfulness and positivity into your life. From there, they launched a series of lifestyle and stationery products, aimed to bring a little bit of calm through all the chaos. They print all the journals on a luxury ivory FSC certified paper, in some of the journals they use 100% recycled paper too.





Ravenscourt Apothecary Co. specialises in natural fragrances & skincare for vegans, tea & book lovers. The brand is created by Tanya and her product line includes literary-themed perfumes, palm oil free soap and handmade skincare. She is committed to cruelty free, mindfully-produced beauty products. All her products are hand made with love in the UK.






The team at Miss Patisserie creates vegan bath and body products with high quality ingredients. They believe in the power of natural ingredients and the multitude of benefits they have on the body and mind. They know how important it is to set aside some 'me time' and work on self-love and care. All the products which they create come from just, care and passion! 




The word Mål, pronounced 'mo-l', means goal in Swedish.

Mål Paper takes inspiration from the Scandinavian minimalist and clutter-free way of living. As a result, they create simplistic and effective productivity tools that help you to focus on your wellness, fulfilment and potential. Their collection of products has been designed and produced to foster positive daily habits - with the end result of a happier, calmer and more productive way of living.

The key mantra of heir design process is ‘less is more’. In today’s digital world, it’s more important than ever for people to reconnect with physical objects to avoid burnout and nurture their inspiration. 

Central 23 creates products that make life more fun and they obsess over the smallest details. They get a kick out of smiles on faces, belly laughs from jokes and changing someone's day for the better. Central 23 takes the environmental responsibility seriously, and wherever possible they like to manufacture locally using sustainable materials.

Sweet Water Decor is a motivational + inspirational brand founded by Melissa Horvath in 2014. Along with our amazing and continuously growing team, Melissa still designs each product and now works alongside her husband, Chris, who manages the warehouse and production side of the brand. Their goal at SWD have always been to motivate and inspire you through their products. Cosy up on a chilly day and sip your morning coffee or tea out of a motivational mug.





FaceTory supports you in your skincare journey! They create products that solve your skin concerns in a fun and approachable way. FaceTory masks don't contain plastic and are made from eco-friendly tencel / tencel cupra. The tencel they use is made from eucalyptus leaves. Pop the mask on your compost heap or in your general waste bin and be safe in the knowledge that they'll decompose after 3 months! FaceTory masks are cruelty-free, vegan and made with natural ingredients. 



Inspired by all the gifts of nature, Wanderflower is a beautifully curated bath, body & aromatherapy gift collection that promotes thoughtfulness and wellbeing. Take some time to switch off and allow nature to heal you. Pause, breathe deep and give your hands and lips the moisture and nourishment they deserve with their collection of hand creams and lip balms.


The Happiness Planner mission is to build the world's prettiest and most powerful personal development tools & platform for our generation and the next. They design beautiful inspirational personal development tools that help you find more happiness & fulfillment in life by living life in alignment with who you are and embracing the power of positive thinking, mindfulness, gratitude, and personal development. Using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques, tools that help you spot limits your beliefs & perception and become aware of unconscious patterns. Discover our selection of guided wellbeing journals from them.



Ohh Deer is a greeting card, stationery and gift company operating from Loughborough. Founded in 2011, Ohh Deer quickly became the established go-to place for contemporary, arty, and funny illustrated products. They lithographically print their cards what are made from locally and sustainably sourced paper.



There’s nothing like a treat to keep them sweet. Ask Mummy and Daddy create a taste that takes us back with their range of traditional confectionary. Using classic recipes, they create sweets that are truly irresistible. YUMM!




At Two Chimps Coffee, they’re all about the best coffee…. Coffee that’s freshly roasted, seasonally sourced and bursting – practically somersaulting – with delicious flavour. Coffee lovers, this is your kinda coffee! Two Chimps are a small, ethical team roasting coffee in the heart of Rutland.


Inspired by nature's wonderful diversity, Clarity Blend Aromatherapy have created a range of aromatherapy blends, harmoniously blended to work wonders on your wellbeing whether this means slowing down, a boost of energy, or a great night's sleep. Their proprietary formulations are packed with personality and vibrancy. Sustainability is one of their core values and they’ve worked hard to source ethical suppliers whose hearts and products are 100% pure and who wouldn’t dream of using parabens or other nasties.