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Lavender Dreams Sage Wand with Selenite

Lavender Dreams Sage Wand with Selenite

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Lavender Dreams Sage Wand with Selenite 💜

California White Sage wand made with dried lavender flowers, and selenite crystal.

Lavender Dreams Sage Wand are used for healing. The smoke is generally used to bless, heal the person or object being smudged. Sage is used to cleanse the person from the outside world when entering into rituals and ceremonies.

The Sage Wand is charged with selenite to improve the healing potential of a cleansing ritual.

Each batch will vary in appearance sometimes flower stock will vary.

How use it:

Light the end of your smudge stick and gently blow into the tip until you get a nice, steady smoke flowing. Work your way around yourself or space, whilst gently circling and waving your smudge stick. Pay attention to any areas that feel particularly heavy and where energy is stagnant.

You can speak positive intentions whilst doing it. The whole process will be completely personal to each individual, so follow your instinct and just flow with it!

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