5 Ways to Create a Mindful Morning Routine

5 Ways to Create a Mindful Morning Routine

The way you decide to start your morning can have a major impact on how the rest of your day will go. 🔆

You can start your day randomly each morning if you want, but creating a meaningful morning routine may be the better route to take if you're looking for a more mindful and stress‑free use of your time.

Everyone usually has their own morning schedule that helps them get ready for the day. Some people choose to wake up at 6 a.m. and enjoy their cup of tea, while others rush out the door because they decided to catch up on the latest episode of their favourite Netflix show the night before. 😁

If you want to be more be mindful with your mornings, or let's be real, just get out of bed feeling happier and less groggy, below are few tips that may help you start your day more positively.



1. Prepare the night before

Creating a mindful morning routine is all about intentionality. Early risers, and those who have effective morning routines, plan their day on paper.

The best strategy that has works for many people is to plan tomorrow on paper tonight. It's highly effective to have an evening boundary, where you stop your work for the day, in order to properly plan the next day. 


2. Start out slow

Meditate. If you mediate for at least 20 minutes every morning, you may get an energy boost that will help you stay alert without the need of coffee. You can also do some stretching or yoga to start the day with.


3. Do something that will make you feel special

Your serotonin is stimulated when you feel special. We all have some conflict around this because it seems 'not nice' to be special, but it’s what your brain longs for. So find a way to give it to yourself in a small way every morning.

This could entail adding berries to your yogurt or styling your hair in the morning. Whatever you choose to do, continue to do it until it becomes mundane, then find something new that will make you feel special again. 💗


4. Create habits that will help engage your mind

Sometimes you just need to pick the right activities that will not only help flex your body, but your mind as well. 

There are many habits you can choose to include in your morning routine, and one of the best strategies is to focus on energy. Choose habits that will engage your mind and body so that you are up and awake when your work day begins.

This could include drinking a large quantity of water, journaling, or preparing a healthy smoothie for breakfast.


5. Practice mindfulness

If you really want to get your day started on the right foot, exercise your mind by being more attuned with your thoughts.

Practicing mindfulness is an essential component of any morning ritual. Mindfulness is shown to lower blood pressure means open awareness to the present moment.

Mindfulness has been shown to improve focus, regulate emotions, improve cognitive flexibility, and protect against stress. It involves being aware of your thoughts and allowing yourself to become fully present.


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