Corporate Gifting to Promote Employee Wellbeing

We specialise in creating bespoke wellness packages that help boost your employees' physical and mental health, motivation, and productivity.

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✨ Make Your Team Feel Valued and Appreciated

Our corporate gifting services focus specifically on employee wellbeing, and we believe that companies who prioritise their employees' mental health will see significant improvements in productivity, motivation, and retention.

As you may already know, the new generation, Gen Z, values mental health and wellbeing more than any other generation before them. They want to work for companies that prioritise wellbeing, and as a result, companies that do prioritise their employees' mental health tend to attract the best talent.

Our gifting service is different from others becausewe focus specifically on employee wellbeing, rather than just sending a generic food hamper. We work with our clients to create wellness packages that will make your colleagues smile and help them recharge. By choosing gifts that actively support the core pillars of wellbeing, you can show your employees that you care about their mental and physical health.

To discuss corporate enquiries, client appreciation, employee wellbeing gifts & everything in between, contact Jutta at with any details. She will get back to you shortly.

Gifts for employees

With our custom gifts and branded boxes, you can create a remarkable employee gifting experience. Welcome new staff, celebrate achievements and holidays, and leave a lasting impression that reflects your brand and values. Personalise each box with your chosen items and make your next employee gift truly special.

Gifts for clients

Show your appreciation with our wellbeing gift boxes for clients and customers. Designed to go beyond tokens of thanks, these boxes offer relaxation and rejuvenation, showing genuine care for recipients' health. Perfect for generating buzz around your brand and building valuable relationships.

Gifts for events

We specialise in crafting custom gift boxes to make your team feel valued and appreciated. Whether for conferences, meetings, or social gatherings, we'll create memorable experiences that align with your company's culture.

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Our experts are available to guide you through the process and help you choose the best gift for your specific needs.

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"The perfect pick me up for our team. Excellent products that brought so much joy and such great customer service. Thank you so much and can't wait to shop here again!" - D.J.

"Amazing service. Wonderful products and so organised when sending to large groups. Thanks so much I'll be ordering again for sure!" - Maureen

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📞  We offer a complimentary 30 minutes consultation so we can get a complete understanding of your gift requirements such as the purpose of the gift, the desired budget, the background of the organisation and the demographic you work with or have working with you and crucially the vision, values and ethos of the organisation.