6 Ways to Survive the Holidays 😌🎄

6 Ways to Survive the Holidays 😌🎄


The holiday season is a stressful time for so many reasons: your crazy relatives, sleeping in your old bedroom again and all that food…huh. The key to surviving the holidays is to always be prepared!

To help you prepare, we have created this list that you can use to survive any family interaction the holiday season can throw at you! 😌


1. Create an escape plan

If you already know that a particular event is going to push your buttons, figure out a couple of ways to remove yourself from the situation to give yourself a break. Plan to bring your heavy coat and boots so you can take a walk around the block even if it’s snowing. Or if you’re hosting the event, make sure to keep one bedroom off-limits to guests, and use that room as your safe space to take some time for yourself if you need it.


2. Breathe

When we are stressed or anxious our breathing can become shallower, which can have a negative effect on our moods and bodies.  The simple act of taking a deep breath can calm us down and lower our heart rate and blood pressure.

Here’s one way to do it: Take a deep breath in through your nose for a count of 3, hold it for a count of 3, and then exhale through your mouth for a count of 6. Just make sure your exhale is a little longer than your inhale, and you’re set.


3. Journal

Often the holidays are stressful because there is so much information swimming around in our heads. Take a few minutes each day and write down whatever comes to mind. Just the act of putting thoughts on paper helps clear our minds and decrease stress levels. After you’ve written about it, turn it into a to-do list if that would be helpful.

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4. Practice gratitude

Expressing gratitude for things doesn’t make everything better, but it does help decrease stress by reminding us what is going right. Before you go to bed, try writing down 3 things you were thankful for during the day. And be creative – you can even be grateful that you only had 1 unexpected guest instead of 3! 🙊


5. Prioritise

Cut back and prioritise your to-do list this holiday season. Now is not the time to see how many places you can be in at once or to find out if you can keep everyone happy (spoiler alert: the answers are “only one “ and “no.”)


6. Treat yo’self

Pick out a few self-care activities you can easily do.  Keep your favourite calming bath salts or affirmation crystal candle in a safe place and pull it out when the stress is rising. Carve out time every day for a walk in the park and your favourite book or tv show. Whatever the activities may be, practice them regularly during the holidays, and don’t let yourself feel guilty for taking care of you!


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