6 Ways to Use Positive Affirmation Cards

6 Ways to Use Positive Affirmation Cards

Affirmations are proven to boost mood and productivity, but what about when inspiration doesn’t strike? What about those days when affirmations don’t spring to mind? Sometimes we all need a springboard to inspire us and affirmation cards are the perfect solution.

Positive Affirmation cards for adults feature ready-made affirmations, giving you a shot of positivity and creativity to fire you through the day. You might wonder how affirmation cards work, and how exactly you should use them, so here’s our guide on how to use affirmation cards. 


1.     Positive Reminder

Use it as a positive reminder for everyday to make your day better & to let go of your negative thoughts.


2.     Meditation Mantra

Pick a card before your meditation practice and use it as a mantra through your practice. You can even say it out loud as you meditate.


3.     Decorate

Glue some of your favourite cards to the bathroom mirror, make a cool display at your office desk, string them up in your bedroom with some fairy lights. Not only will this look amazing, but it will also serve as a reminder for you.


4.     Ask questions

If you have a question on your mind that you are looking an answer to, ask this question and draw a card. Example: “What affirmation will most help me with my money situation right now?”


 5.     A great gift for your loved ones

Your deck doesn’t have to stay all in one piece. Gift different cards to different friends and loved ones. If there is a specific affirmation that resonates with what your friend is going through, gift it to them. Or just lift up their mood by giving or mailing them a card.


6.     Mirror

Put a card on your mirror and read out loud the affirmation. Make sure to look yourself right in the eyes when you do this. There is a special magic in saying something while looking at yourself in the mirror. This should help you feel through the affirmation and truly manifest it.


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1. Healing Affirmation Cards


Dealing with physical, mental or emotional trauma? Use Healing Affirmation Cards to develop a positive mindset to support your healing process. Positive affirmations rewire unhelpful thought processes and develop new, beneficial ways of thinking so personal growth and healing can take place. Perfect for anyone who needs to focus on recovery.


2. Mindfulness Affirmation Cards


These beautiful Mindfulness Affirmation Cards can help you focusing on the present moment, you can bring your mind back to a state of calmful clarity where you are more likely to find peaceful resolutions to situations. Create a new and improved you with our helpful, powerful mindfulness tools.


3. Women Empowerment Affirmation Cards


Women Empowerment Affirmation Cards designed for the modern day woman to empower her stay positive, connect with her intuition and reinforce self-love.

Fall in love with your perfect self with this beautiful and down to earth deck of supportive and self affirming statements. Rediscover acceptance for the divine woman that you are with enlightening, simple messages that can help reprogram self destructive thoughts into positive feel good statements. Each empowering card reminds us to let go of heavy energy, so we can be playful, authentic and present in life.

Perfect as a gift for Women's Day, Mother's Day or for yourself.


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