Guide to Your Perfect Bath Time

Guide to Your Perfect Bath Time



Why do you need a bathing ritual?⁠

During anxious times having a bath can be your BFF. It offers your mind and soul a simple, yet mindful pause from your stressful and anxious everyday life. ⁠It can deeply relax your thoughts and senses, helping you take your self-care a step further. 

While taking a big bath has many positive effects on your mental health it also causes some major physical changes. 

So now let's see the physical side: ⁠

  • increases your blood circulation  ⁠
  • promotes detoxification ⁠
  • relieves muscle and joint pain ⁠
  • boosts your immune system ⁠
  • encourages relaxation ⁠

It does sound a bit crazy, isn’t it? I’m pretty sure you are wondering, why didn't you start to think of taking a big bath at the end of a hard day a little bit earlier.

Don’t worry, here is your reminder!

Using the healing powers of bath salts and essential oils in your warm bath water is your chance to transform your health and wellbeing completely.

Never forget that your physical and mental health is only your responsibility and you should start taking care of yourself as soon as possible.



As mentioned above, there are plenty of positive benefits, and lucky for you, we have collected some of them here:

  1. Improves the condition of your skin

Bath salts are known to be good exfoliators as they help eliminate dead skin cells and therefore it gives you healthy glow. Being such a miracle product, they also help in removing toxins and excess oil from your skin, healing your skin. You will not believe how much the texture of your skin can change.

  1. It relaxes you completely

Warm bath water with its beautiful scents seriously is a game changer for your mental health. Its soothing and soft texture relaxes your mind and body. Stress-relief and detoxifying in the calmest way possible sounds like a dream come true. 

  1. Purifies the skin

It contributes to having super soft skin, as bath salts will redefine your bathing experience with its natural healing properties. Using bath salts during your weekly pamper evening, helps you experience deep relaxation from the pure essential oils whilst removing toxins and impurities from the body. 





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