Self-Care Interview with Georgie Burnham

Self-Care Interview with Georgie Burnham


"Self-care is doing anything for yourself to make yourself feel physically, mentally, spirituality, or even sexually good! Sometimes it’s a nice bath, a book, a real good nutritious meal, other times it’s meditating or masturbating!"


Georgie/GiGi has just relocated to Manchester for a new adventure! She has started her Instagram @Gigi.speaks to have a place to discuss sexuality, self-care, spirituality, mental health, being plus size, fashion, and all the experiences of her dating.

She started this as lockdown began as she realised all of the above are so detrimental to loving herself.💗


What does self-care mean to you?

Self-care is doing anything for yourself to make yourself feel physically, mentally, spirituality, or even sexually good!

Sometimes it’s a nice bath, a book, a real good nutritious meal, other times it’s meditating or masturbating! True self-care to me is allowing myself space to what ever I feel, even if sometimes it’s uncomfortable, but it’s an opportunity to remind myself I am only human and I need to rest, hydrate and reenergise.


Has your perception of self-care changed, particularly with the events of last year?

Ooh 100%, before the last year or so I think my self care was very ‘superficial’ - it was having a bath and a face mask- I never really fully looked after and checked in on myself when doing ‘self care’. I am very much the life and soul of a party, the happy go lucky friend and I easily can hide when I’m not in a good place and lockdown made me stop, think things over and reevaluate my self care. It’s now most of the time a lot more deeper, and educational  on learning about myself!


What are some of the misconceptions around self-care?

I think the main misconception is that it’s selfish. Taking time for yourself to reflect, relax, check in or even just have a cry is never selfish. What ever you need to do for self care is for you and only you. Everyone should be allowed to take some it one to their selves.

I also think so many people think self-care is the same for everyone and it really isn’t. It’s so personal and different.


What are some of your favourite self-caring activities/self-care routine or affirmations?

It completely depends on my mood, and what’s going on at that time. 

I try to journal and do my gratitudes at least once a week as my regular self care to check in on myself.

I love a good bath, it is a joke me and my friends have because I will be in there for hours...I get it red hot, some beautiful candles and salts and will listen to some music, a podcast or book and just switch off. No phone, no calls just relax! I love a podcast called pepp’s such an empowering listen!

Also my sexuality is so important to me that masturbation is part of my self-care, I light some candles, dim the lights and just listen to my body! I think everyone should find that comfort with themselves.

My affirmations are always written where I can see them daily, on my mirror, or on my desk and recently I use my affirmation and manifesting pack of cards.


How do you make sure you’re regularly prioritising self-care?

I make it part of my routine...I mediate pretty much every evening before bed to unwind, I make sure I do my gratitudes more than I think I should because I always notice I do less the better I start to feel but you need to keep doing them to keep that feeling flowing. Listen to your body and mind...that little niggle you get is telling you you need to just look after yourself.

And do what you enjoy! Self-care shouldn’t feel a chore. I’ve really enjoyed learning about my spiritual side...crystals, reiki, the moon and tarot...makes me feel so good and lighter.


Why is it so important to keep going even when you’re feeling better in yourself?

I honestly have never felt as In touch and happy with myself as I have this last 6 months. I know that’s come from my self-care. It’s reading them books ‘what a time to be alone - Chidera eggerue literally changed my life!

It’s cutting them ties with the people who make your life negative, it’s putting boundaries in, and do them gratitudes!!!

I know when ever I’ve felt low my brother Greg will be like are you doing them gratitudes? Doing your meditations? And it’s always a no!

Don’t stop because you feel better, keep going because you feel better! Make it part of your daily or at least weekly routine.

It really does make you feel amazing! 


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