Self-Care Interview with Lucy Victoria Jackson

Self-Care Interview with Lucy Victoria Jackson

"Self-care is not just for when we’re feeling down or exhausted. It’s for our every day lives."


Lucy is an Ascot based Yoga Teacher, Crystal Singing Bowl Practitioner & Wellbeing WriterShe teaches weekly Vinyasa and Yin yoga classes in Ascot and the nearby areas and London workplaces. Lucy is also the host of the Podcast Root & Rise with Lucy. Her podcast features conversations with a whole host of wellness industry experts, & explores the concept of building strong Roots - small, everyday habits & foundations - to support our overall wellbeing & happiness.


What does self-care mean to you?

    To me self-care is listening to the needs of my body, mind & spirit. It’s taking time to invest in my holistic wellbeing, which is something I’ve found more & more useful over the years.

    For my body I tune in: do I need a run? Do I need to do a short sharp circuit training session? Or do I need to slow it down & take a walk or practice yin yoga? For my mind & spirit I invest time in nature every day, I cuddle my dog, I take conscious breaths, I spend time in meditation (although this last one I am working on making more regular! It’s the one I struggle with most).


    Has your perception of self-care changed, particularly with the events of this year?

    My perception of it has not changed, but the time I invest in it has increased, & I have also become better at saying “No” to things that are detrimental to my wellbeing. That was my downfall before. I invested in self-care, but then I would also take on too much, I would say “Yes” to things that I knew deep down weren’t really right for me. So this year I have take control of that & set better boundaries. 


    What are some of the misconceptions around self-care?

      That it’s just fitness and bubble baths. Yes these two things can be great for self-care, but those beliefs can really limit the potential of self-care. For me sometimes it’s discipline. Other times it’s making an eco-conscious decision for the washing tablets or loo roll I’m going to buy. Sometimes it’s actually saying “you know what, today running is not right for my body, I am going to rest instead”. It’s so much more nuanced & diverse that just fitness & bubble baths. 


      What are some of your favourite self-caring activities or affirmations?

        My non-negotiable activities every day no matter how I’m feeling are cuddling my dog, walking my dog & having a good breakfast. And then on top of that if I have time & energy I love to invest in running, circuit training, climbing, surfing if I’m near the beach, & taking time for reflection through journaling and/or meditation. My affirmation is: I am Enough. Everything I need I already have. 


        How do you make sure you’re regularly prioritising self-care?

          By making it a conscious decision every single day. It takes work, but the work is worth it. 


          Why is it so important to keep going even when you’re feeling better in yourself?

          Self-care is not just for when we’re feeling down or exhausted. It’s for our every day lives. It’s those small things we do every day to keep us in equilibrium, the things we do just for those small moments of joy.

          You’ll notice very quickly if you start to let those foundations slide. As my podcast is all about, it’s important to build your roots first & to tend to those roots, to enable us to grow & rise.


          Check out Lucy's website and Podcast Root & Rise with Lucy.

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