Beautiful Souls ✨ Self-care Interview with Molly Jane Hood

Beautiful Souls ✨ Self-care Interview with Molly Jane Hood

Introducing Molly Jane Hood, known online as The Life of Molly, the founder of the marketing agency Zero Nine, a freelance social media manager and lifestyle blogger and content creator. She loves all things wellness, a vanilla matcha and a bubble bath. In her free time, you'll find her moving her body or diving into a romance novel.



1. What does self-care mean to you, and how does it affect your mental health and relationship with yourself?


In my opinion, self-care is looking after yourself from lighthearted tasks like binging a go-to reality TV series, a bubble bath or committing to daily exercise to making well-informed decisions that will better my health and lifestyle.

As a busy founder, social media manager, content creator and so forth, I am constantly on the go, working 6 days a week and scrolling on my phone and my mental health suffers. I make sure to incorporate my ‘’self-care’’ time into my daily routine, whether that be an HGW or reading my book, it helps me refocus on my relationship with myself.



2. Has your understanding of self-care changed in the last few years?


Absolutely, and that is because my lifestyle has changed. 2 years ago, my ideal weekend plan was enjoying a takeaway with a bottle of Prosecco., and considered that ‘’self-care’’. Now, I am much more aligned with the wellness space, from taking daily vitamins, to my love of Reformer Pilates and being committed to my journey of sobriety. You have to do the things that will benefit your mind and body.



3. What are some common misunderstandings about self-care?


That self-care is not just applying face masks and bubble baths. These are rituals behind the physical part of caring for yourself. I believe self-care is also removing negative people from your life, leaving toxic situations whether that be in your career or a relationship, and having difficult conversations with yourself (just maybe in a candlelit bath!) You have to remember that self-care is not selfish.



4. What are your favourite self-care activities?


Oh, there are too many, but I currently am in love with the following: Podcasts: These are such a good addition to your HGW, a personal recommendation is either Giggly Squad (if you want a LOL) or Note to Self (real-life advice) depending on my mood! Baths: I love romanticising having a good old soak in the tub (products courtesy of the Sun and My Soul). Take time away from my phone, enjoy a bit of Taylor Swift, and just turn off. Ice rolling: I am an ambassador for The Skinny Confidential and I love their ice roller. I habit stack this ritual with my protein-rich breakfast, the best way to kick off my day.



5. How do you maintain self-care routines during busy or challenging times?


A daily reminder is if you don’t take time to rest and unwind during the day, your body will force you to. Therefore I plan self-care into my daily routine, just like I would with a business meeting or creating content for a client. I break up my moments of self-care throughout my day, I wake up and move my body (whether that be a run, a gym sesh, or a Form class).

At lunch, I tend to go for a walk (weather dependent) and after my working day, I would read, journal and a cheeky face mask whilst cooking dinner. When times are tough, and as a business owner they are, I give myself time to do nothing…completely rot. I love a good rot day, after slower movement, I sit on my sofa, watch crappy tele and relax. Don’t be so tough on yourself.


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