Self-care Interview with Zanny B Davis

Self-care Interview with Zanny B Davis


"I think many times people think self-care is just about just physical things. Like doing our nails and hair or taking a bath. But self-care extends to so much more. Doing things like praying, meditating and reading are great ways to take care of yourself mentally and spiritually."


Zanny Byron-Davis is an author, as well as a Hypnobirthing and Life coach for Christian women. She a mom to an energised 2-year-old little girl, a military wife, a Christian believer and a huge advocate for self-care because she believes it's a true reflection of self-love and self-worth. She also believes taking care of our mind, body and soul is also directly linked to our mental health and well-being.

Born and raised in the Caribbean, she is a true island girl at heart, sun, sea and sand make her extremely happy.

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What does self-care mean to you?
Self-care is so special to me, it's a time for me to focus on myself, my mind, my body and my soul. It's a time I take to dedicate to nurturing myself on a holistic level and I do things that feels good to me. Things that rejuvenated and refreshes me. I find when I truly take this time to take care of myself, I shower love and acceptance on myself and I take care of me, so I could be filled and replenish to take care of my family, friends and those who need my support.


Has your perception of self-care changed, particularly with the events of last year?


Absolutely, I have always taken time out for myself even before becoming a mom. I consider myself an introvert who operates as an extrovert. After a long day of speaking to others and taking care of everyone else, I just need time for myself. So I would usually unwind with a good tv show that makes me laugh, a lovely bath, or a good book.

But over the last couple of months, I have become so much more intentional with my self-care. Not only do I do things that feel good to me but I set the intentions of being present while I'm engaging in my chosen activity. I try my best to shut down the neocortex part of my brain and try to engage my 5 senses during this time.

My mind goes a thousand times a minute and just thinking usually gets me exhausted as well as running around with a toddler all day. Additionally, the pandemic, the lockdowns, being away from my family who is in the Caribbean I have been taking self-care to a new level. Total and complete emersion to detach from my busy days and revitalise my soul.


What are some of the misconceptions around self-care?

I think many times people think self-care is just about just physical things. Like doing our nails and hair or taking a bath. But self-care extends to so much more. Doing things like praying, meditating and reading are great ways to take care of yourself mentally and spiritually.
A simple thing like making preparation for yourself in the near future is a great form of self-care that I never realized until recently.
When I go grocery shopping and buy healthy food for when I feel like snacking. When I purchase items that I love specifically for that time of the month. When I think ahead of when I'm going to have a super busy day and have already prepared clothing and items for myself and my family makes me feel so supported and cared for and I get to do that for myself.
It's so simple and so smart to prepare for yourself now so that when that time comes everything is already covered and waiting for you.
If you're not doing this now, start doing it and you will thank yourself when you find everything waiting for you, prepared by you.


What are some of your favourite self-caring activities/self-care routine or affirmations?


Like every woman, I love pampering myself but I do this more weekly but my favourite self-caring activities are very much routines.

My morning and night routines are so important to me. This does not mean there are not days when I don't do them for example if we had a night out or slept away from home, I may skip it but on a regular day, I would wake up each morning and jump right into my alone time with God. Prayer, reading my bible, meditating, connecting with him and journaling. 

Filling myself up spiritually, emotionally and mentally is so important to me to shape my day, make it more productive, and allows me to feel so good about myself. After that, on a weekday I also do my workouts and get my body moving in the morning.

I would end my days in a similar way, winding down with meditation, journaling, reading and of course prayer.


How do you make sure you’re regularly prioritising self-care?


I admit there are times when I just feel so tired and don't really want to do self-care.  This is why I ensure I create a habit around myself care, for example, my morning workouts. I don't always feel like doing it but because it's part of my morning routine. I naturally just put on my workout clothes and come downstairs so I have no choice but to do it. I've just started dedicating my Tuesday nights to a more leisurely self-care time.

During this time I will do my nails, maybe do a face mask, moisturize my hair, have a long bath while, deep journaling and meditation, it's just an extended version of my night routine. I actually set a reminder that goes off at 8 pm on a Tuesday that reminds me to do my self-care when my daughter goes to bed because I may just forget and go to sleep myself.

Journaling is also a super great way to help you to realize self-care because that in itself is self-care. You get to love on yourself, encourage yourself, support yourself and so much more during a journaling session and after that inner work is done you will naturally want to take care of your body as well.

Again make this a daily habit and then it becomes a priority. Tip to form a habit- do the same thing for 21 days straight and it will come naturally to you after that. 


Why is it so important to keep going even when you’re feeling better in yourself?


It's important to realize what caused you to feel better and most likely you will see that it's a chicken and egg scenario, which one comes first? Who knows?

Keep at it and keep reminding yourself that taking care of yourself, allows you to take care of others and that's so important to us women who love to nurture and care for others.

Self-care reflects self-worth and self-acceptance and this alone empowers you to create transformational changes in your life.

Remember always- You are worthy, you are deserving, you are loved and you are so SIGNIFICANT! 💗


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