Wellbeing at Work - Promoting Employee Wellness

Wellbeing at Work - Promoting Employee Wellness


Wellbeing at Work - Promoting Employee Wellness


Did you know you can find us on Betterspace? 🤩

Our partner, Betterspace is a mental health platform founded to give people the freedom to choose the best way to look after their mental health at work.

💫 They enable your staff to choose the wellbeing benefits that work for them – from a range of 400+ curated, vetted and effective mental health resources.

Why does this matter? Because, regardless of salary, industry, experience or prestige, people are recognising that they have choices about who they work for, how they work and the role that work plays in their lives.

⚡️ Work doesn’t have to be draining, unsatisfying or unfulfilling. Work doesn’t have to be mercenary — something we do to earn the money we need to escape it. Work can be whatever we choose it to be. Something that gives us mental, not just financial, security.

Companies who understand, care about and invest in their people’s mental health outperform those who don’t. Choosing your staff’s mental health is choosing your business’s future.

😌 Make mental health a benefit you offer your people. So that those people keep choosing you.

Learn more about BetterSpace here:



Workforce Wellbeing LIVE conference 2023


As one of Betterspace's proud partners, we are thrilled to hear that the Workforce Wellbeing LIVE conference 2023 was a success. 🤩 We're glad that Betterspace had the opportunity to host roundtables and present on the main stage, emphasising the importance of personalisation in promoting workforce wellbeing.

At The Sun & My Soul, we're excited to continue supporting initiatives like this in the future and to work with organisations that share our passion for promoting workforce wellness.💫

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